Feel Good Manager

I came across my dream job today. A company in Leipzig, Germany called Spreadshirt has created a position called “Feel Good Manager”. It seems as Ms. Stefanie Haeussler was employed for this position, there was only a vague idea of what this role entails. The job advert listed common qualities like good communication skills, creativity, work independently and a keen sense for people. Rather unusual requirement was extensive knowledge of the local bar and restaurant scene.

Basically a Feel Good Manager is in charge of creating a pleasant atmosphere for the employees of the company. Ms. Haeussler has a close relationship with the employees. She organises team events and other activities to reduce stress and create a close working community. She helps new employees to get to know other employees. If the new employee is not a local, she is the person to give insider tips and other assistance to help this person feel at home as quickly as possible.

Such a position would be the perfect job for me. It would appeal to my social sense as I love helping people in any way I can. I love organising events or dinners. My former colleagues and ex-MBA course mates would surely confirm that. Now I only have to convince a company that they need a Feel Good Manager too. 🙂


Stickel, J. (2012, January 04). startupcareer. Retrieved January 19, 2012, from http://www.startupcareer.de/9225/faces-was-macht-eigentlich-eine-feel-good-managerin/

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