Single Consultant

I came across an interesting job offer on the internet. It is a position with a Match-making agency. They claim it is the No. 1 industry in the near future, where 50% of the households in major German cities would be singles. They mention becoming a certified Single Consultant in 2012 in the offer. I am not sure, if the applicant has to go through the certification process first or if the successful applicant would go through in-house certification. I wonder if I can be considered a suitable candidate for this position. I do have the necessary soft skills. However I have no experience whatsoever in being a single. Honestly! I met my husband when I was about 18. Before that I did not have a boyfriend, which is not unusual for an Indian girl. We have been together ever since. In fact this year we have been legally married for more than 11 years. (Our church wedding was about a year later because we had to safe up for it first.) I can sympathise but not empathise with the potential clients. On the other hand, I might be the perfect consultant because of my long lasting relationship. I guess that is why most people turn to a match-making or dating agency, right?

Honestly considering applying just out of curiosity. I can imagine this job being very interesting.

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