Flash Fiction Faction: The Fruit

This is another 100 word Flash Fiction inspired by a prompt. This prompt came from Quill Shiv; follow the link to read more posts based on this prompt. Thank you for the inspiration.

Here is the prompt and I have tried to go the extra mile. Tell me, if you think I have done it in a convincing manner. I welcome other constructive criticisms as well. Cheers!

Mark had been overjoyed to see his partner, who had been missing for days from the excavation site. But that joy had swiftly turned into anger hearing that idiot’s preposterous plan.

“I am trying to conserve your ancestor’s dynasty and you threaten to blow up the temples? That is totally senseless behavior, even for you!”

“Taste this fruit, Mark. The food-hunter said that he can easily market this as a high priced product. We need to destroy only a few walls to aid the harvest!”

Mark bit into the sweet smelling food, puncturing its smooth skin. The taste was indescribable!

What is it?

It is not as smooth as an apple. It is not as thorny as a durian. It is not as furry as a kiwi. It is not as hairy as a rambutan. It is not as small as a grape. It is not as big as a honeydew. It is not as soft as a banana. It is not as hard as a watermelon. Continue reading

The downside of eating healthy

Since my husband decided to lose weight as his New Year resolution for this year, we have switched to eating healthy home cooked meals. So today I was kind of relieved when my husband suggested ordering Pizza for takeaway. Get some time off from cooking. I only ate half a pizza. Now I am feeling nauseous and having stomach cramps. No longer used to digesting all that fatty and cheesy food, I guess. Maybe I should puke and get the junk food out of my system. Just joking… 🙂