Thirties are the new Twenties

I keep hearing the phrase “Thirties are the new Twenties”. But what does that really mean? Here is my list describing the lives of Twenty-year olds – partly derived from my own life and partly inspired by The Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother. (Warning: This list is full of sweeping generalisations! It is supposed to provoke.) Continue reading

Holiday on snow

This blog is about our holiday in Unterwössen and the things one can undertake while there and in the surrounding area during winter. Unterwössen is a town in Bavaria, Germany.

We stayed at a holiday home owned by Karl Allmann. It is a beautiful house and equipped better than any of the holiday homes I have ever been in. Continue reading

Paralysed on skis

Today I had my very first skiing lessons. Mr. M wanted to ensure that I have the perfect conditions to learn how to ski. Therefore he booked a private tutor for three hours and the ski slope in Wintermoosalm is perfect for beginners. The ski school even promises fear free skiing but I guess I am Manfred’s (my ski tutor) first total failure. After the first lesson I am not better off than before the lesson and unfortunately it would probably remain my only attempt till our next winter holiday. Continue reading

My man and sports on TV

My man spent the better part of today on the couch zapping between various sports broadcasts. He started with a talk show about the German Football League. The experts were discussing the various teams in the league focusing on the kick-off match of the return leg of the 2011 – 2012 season between Borrussia Moechengladbach and Bayern Munich, which he had also followed live on TV. I wasn’t really paying attention but I am sure that he watched more German League matches and during the breaks or between matches he watched part of a Premiere League match and a Slalom skiing combination. Naturally all were live broadcasts. According to my husband it only makes sense to watch sports live. (I wonder why? As long as you don’t know the results, why should it matter if the match is already over?)

Eventually the last match was over and he headed towards the kitchen to heat up his dinner. Since it was obviously over, I thought to change to a non-sports programme. I was zapping in Picture in Picture mode and suddenly my husband rushed out of the kitchen. “What are you doing?” In my surprise I accidentally selected another channel. “I was waiting for the interview! Now I am missing it.” He caught the last statement made by Mainz 05’s coach. Since then more interviews and expert discussions have followed. That is the curse of Pay TV. There is always a channel showing games live from somewhere in the world.

I wonder what it is about Sports on TV and men. Even my dad-in-law, who is not really interested in sports, sits glued in front of the TV when a match is broadcasted. It is not like watching sports events makes my husband happy. Most of the time, the team he is for usually loses and that pulls his mood down for at least the rest of the day. It cannot also be a male bonding thing because he often watches the games alone. Of course sometimes the men get together for an evening at a pub or someone’s house to watch a game. I am convinced that company is not a prerequisite. Maybe it is because watching all those people physically tiring themselves out makes him (and men in general) feel as if they have done a workout too and not feel too guilty about the extra calories intake in the form of beer, chips and other “games” snacks.

There was a phase in my life, when I earnestly watched the matches together with my husband. I knew enough to discuss about team tactics with my husband. We even spent one of our wedding anniversaries as spectators in a match with his favourite team and spent the night at a hotel overlooking the stadium. Over time my interest has waned much to my husband’s disappointment.