I need Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dear World,

as I am writing this to you, my eyes are open no wider than a coin slot in a Jukebox. (Don’t ask me where that comparison just came from.) I have had a terribly tiring week – both mentally and physically. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster all week.  You know about Mr. M’s operation. I have been visiting him regularly at the hospital. Since I am still not driving a car yet (another long story) I have to take the train and a single journey lasts about 1.5 hours.

Yesterday I woke up with a swollen and painful right eye. If you remember, I told you that I have my first job interview ever on the 16th. So I spent the good part of yesterday morning in the waiting room of an eye doctor, just for the doctor to tell me that it is probably just an irritation. Grrrr! Then I had an allergy test done (at another doctor and it was planned long time ago) and not surprisingly I am still allergic to almost anything that grows in the form of a plant. My worst allergy is against horses though. Is it an irony or a paradox that I am born in the Chinese Astrology Year of the Horse?Ist it a physical sign of an internal turmoil?

This morning I woke up with my eye being even more swollen. Grrrrr! I read somewhere that warm black tea teabags are a good household remedy against puffy eyes. The pain I could bear but I didn’t want to show up for my interview as if I had been part of a drunken pub brawl! After getting ready, I made a detour to visit Mr. M and to get his opinion on my interview outfit and also to get some moral support. 🙂 Depending on whether I get the job or not, I will write about What to or what not to wear to an interview blog article. My teabag firstaid seemed to have worked. Mr. M said that the swelling was barely visible. (Don’t even think about it! I was not making it up! It is not only in my head!)

Again I had to take the train to the interview. According to my plan, the office building was about 1.8 km away from the train station. But it felt much longer than 1.8 km and I was walking on heels. Therefore my plan to be there about 30 minutes before the appointment turned out to be totally wrong. I was there barely a few minutes before time, feeling all sweaty and hot in the middle of winter. Why didn’t I just take a taxi as Mr. M had suggested?

About 2.5 hours talking and 1.5 hours of Assessment Center feels like a long time. I am feeling totally  drained. I am actually surprised that I can get out this many words in this blog. I thought I would fall asleep writing the first line. Anyway in my opinion, I think the interview went well. But opinions are subjective and I would know it went well if I get the job. Keeping my fingers crossed all the same.

Now I really have to sign off. I am sorry that I couldn’t write something inspirational today. Or maybe I can. Always give your best and aim as high as you can. Even if you do not hit the stars, you might reach the highest tree. One of my teachers in Secondary School used to tell my class that. I gave my best shot.

Good night. Sleep tight. I know I will.

See you tomorrow.

With love,


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