One of the things I dread about gettting a classical 8 to 5 job is the waking up early part. I have always been a late riser and a long sleeper. I can work late at night and am even at my most creative during this time. I found this out when I wrote my master thesis. The first week I sat at my desk from morning till evening and after a week I had written a mere 10 pages. Out of desperation I decided to write through one night. Much to my surprise I had write as much in a night, as I had in the week before. After that I switched my writing schedule to write in the night. I went to bed when my husband woke up to go ready for work. It worked out really well for me because I had a straight A for my thesis. 🙂

However it is pretty difficult when society views this particular habit as characteristic of laziness. After all there is a saying about the early bird catching the worm. What about the late bird? No consolation price? There was a time I thought it was a reflection of my tendency to procrastinate. (I even put off waking up to a later hour.) Until I read an article about the ABCC9 gene. It seems that this gene regulates the sleeping duration a person needs. So if you need little sleep, you are not necessarily more successful or hardworking than me. You are simply programmed differently. Maybe Sleeping Beauty had a mutation of the ABCC9 gene. 🙂

On the up side for all long sleepers. I have read that there are studies supporting the theory that getting enough sleep is necessary when it comes to staying slim or losing weight. It seems that an area in the brain, which controls hunger is more active in people, who do not have enough sleep. Furthermore the longer you sleep the lesser hours you have when you can eat. 🙂

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