Whitney Houston – Another bad boy victim?

My condolences to the family of Whitney Houston.

I vividly remember sitting in front of the TV, watching The Bodyguard. Her supposedly terrible acting skills did not bother the teenager me. In fact I thought the movie was great and learned of the singer Whitney Houston for the first time. How often have I tried singing the karaoke version of the song I will always love you! But her powerful voice and musical talent cannot be simply copied. Continue reading

Irene Controlleti

Remember my unfortunate attempt at skiing yesterday? Today I had a heated discussion with Mr. M. He is of the opinion that it is not fear that is holding me back from skiing. He is sure that it is my unwillingness to let go and lose control of a situation that is hindering me. Continue reading

Confessions of a virgin

I have to confess that I am a virgin; an interview virgin. I have ten years of work experience and possess a rather impressive CV, even if I say so myself. However I have never been interviewed for a job. How did I manage that? In order to answer that I have to take you back to the year 1997.

It was June 1997; I was waiting to start my first Semester at the National University of Singapore in September. My majors were English Language and European Studies. That June, I met a really cute guy from Germany. He says it was love at first sight for him. It was love at second sight for me. As you can already guess, we fell in love and spent practically the whole of his holiday in Singapore together. When he had to leave, we decided to try a long distance relationship. Continue reading

I am not the only one affected

I am acutely aware that my procrastination not only affects me but my husband as well. Here I am whining and complaining about what I have missed because of procrastination and how it is hurting me, while at the same time it is impacting my husband’s life too.

Two Saturdays ago my husband said to me, “I am really upset with your behaviour”. Continue reading