Blow out before Life burns out (Part 1)

Yesterday we spontaneously decided to go away for a week. Lucky for us my parents-in-law are friends with the owner of a holiday home in Bavaria. As it turned out, it was vacant for the week. Only a few hundred kilometres separated us from a winter holiday amongst zillions of snowflakes. Today we arrived in a quiet little town in Bavaria. Everything is covered in snow and the landscape looks like postcard picturing a winter-wonderland. Continue reading

Willpower is like a muscle

I read an article on Yahoo! titled “Supercharge Your Willpower” (Healthy, 2012). The author discussed in the article, how to make use of the Kaizen methodology to improve one’s life and overcome bad habits. Kaizen is a Japanese word that means continuous improvement. Furthermore the author mentioned that willpower is comparable to a muscle. The author advised his readers to slowly strengthen their willpower. After all bad habits are not formed overnight and therefore it is not realistic to expect to break them overnight. Continue reading


One of the things I dread about gettting a classical 8 to 5 job is the waking up early part. I have always been a late riser and a long sleeper. I can work late at night and am even at my most creative during this time. I found this out when I wrote my master thesis. The first week I sat at my desk from morning till evening and after a week I had written a mere 10 pages. Out of desperation I decided to write through one night. Much to my surprise I had write as much in a night, as I had in the week before. After that I switched my writing schedule to write in the night. I went to bed when my husband woke up to go ready for work. It worked out really well for me because I had a straight A for my thesis. 🙂

However it is pretty difficult when society views this particular habit as characteristic of laziness. After all there is a saying about the early bird catching the worm. What about the late bird? Continue reading

The Quantified Self

Have you heard the terms “Quantified Self” or “Self-tracking” before? I have to admit that I have heard them for the first time last week. A radio talk show host was kind of against the idea of self-tracking. She saw this leading to others knowing about her personal data like when and how often she has gone to the toilet that day and what she ate for breakfast, etc. I find her stance on this topic absurd. After all self-tracking does not necessarily mean, you have to publish your personal data to the world but you can if you want to. It is like just because there is the functionality to upload photographs on Facebook you do not have to upload photos of you dancing on a table with a bottle of vodka in your hand but you can if you want to. I guess it depends on how extroverted and “exhibitionistic” you are. Continue reading

The Quarterlife Crisis

Today I have found a name for what I have been going through the past couple of years. I am having a Quaterlife Crisis. Attaching a name to my condition is not important but we human beings are social creatures. We need and thrive in (offline and online) communities. Therefore it is reassuring that I am not alone. Also knowing what it is could be useful in effectively targeting all efforts in overcoming this condition.

Although it is not yet as widely recognised as Midlife crisis, there are people out there studying this phenomenon. One of whom is Dr. Oliver Robinson at the University of Greenwich in the UK. According to Dr. Robinson, the Quarterlife crisis affects those between the ages of 25 – 35. Continue reading

The downside of eating healthy

Since my husband decided to lose weight as his New Year resolution for this year, we have switched to eating healthy home cooked meals. So today I was kind of relieved when my husband suggested ordering Pizza for takeaway. Get some time off from cooking. I only ate half a pizza. Now I am feeling nauseous and having stomach cramps. No longer used to digesting all that fatty and cheesy food, I guess. Maybe I should puke and get the junk food out of my system. Just joking… 🙂

Vitamin D for good mood

If your diet does not allow binging on chocolate to improve your mood, I would recommend taking a walk during the day. My husband insisted that we take a walk to the neighbouring village today. The sun and cool fresh air felt wonderful on my face. When we got back, I had a piece of chocolate too. Just to enhance the effect. After all, one cannot feel over good, right? 🙂