Tragedy needed to shake up my world

How often have you heard someone say something like, “After I lost my job and couldn’t find another one, I was so desperate that I decided to give my dream a try. Now I am happy and living the life I have always dreamt of.” Maybe not necessarily a tragedy but a wakeup call of some kind that chucks us out of our rutted routine we call life.

Today I read a story about how the early death of her mother due to extreme obesity led a woman to lose about 115 pounds herself (Cuffey, 2012). She has wanted to lose weight for a long time but she needed a death to seriously tackle the issue and be successful too.

I had something like this in mind, when I made my New Year’s resolution and wanted to live this year as if it were my last. But I have the feeling that I am still not making the most of my time. All because a tiny voice at the back of my mind keeps telling me that this probably won’t be my last year. My life is comfortable, why change it? I hate this tiny voice. I tell you; comfortable is the killer of greatness. But I am wondering, how can I get out of this comfy trap without being triggered into action by a tragic occurrence? I will let you know, if I find a way out.

Cuffey, A. (2012, January 18). Yahoo! Health. Retrieved January 21, 2012, from

Single Consultant

I came across an interesting job offer on the internet. It is a position with a Match-making agency. They claim it is the No. 1 industry in the near future, where 50% of the households in major German cities would be singles. They mention becoming a certified Single Consultant in 2012 in the offer. I am not sure, if the applicant has to go through the certification process first or if the successful applicant would go through in-house certification. I wonder if I can be considered a suitable candidate for this position. I do have the necessary soft skills. However I have no experience whatsoever in being a single. Honestly! I met my husband when I was about 18. Before that I did not have a boyfriend, which is not unusual for an Indian girl. We have been together ever since. In fact this year we have been legally married for more than 11 years. (Our church wedding was about a year later because we had to safe up for it first.) I can sympathise but not empathise with the potential clients. On the other hand, I might be the perfect consultant because of my long lasting relationship. I guess that is why most people turn to a match-making or dating agency, right?

Honestly considering applying just out of curiosity. I can imagine this job being very interesting.

What will I be?

As you know, I am currently looking for a job. I left my last position to go on a yearlong round the world trip with my husband. We came back in April last year and I looked for a position similar to my last one. After half a dozen refusals, I decided to improve my market worth by getting certified as a Project Manager. I passed the exams in December and hope that the new qualifications would make me more appealing to a potential employer.
Then my husband comes along and questions my selection criteria for potential employers. He thinks I am being too practical about it. Instead of looking for positions that suit my profile, he wants me to identify jobs that would make working fun instead of a chore. I took his advice to heart and started googling about career self-assessments, when I came across a tip by a career consultant. “Think about what you wanted to be when you were eight.” I cannot remember what I wanted to be when I was eight but I remember what I wanted to be when I was a teenager. I wanted to be several things; a writer, an actress and a teacher. I was on the debate team, the public speaking team, took part in school plays, danced and sang at various school events and gave private tuition too. Actually the young me did all the things that I wanted to be when I grew up. My biggest mistake was giving up my Theatre Major at University because my parents wanted me to learn something more practical and useful for a future career.
Although I cannot complain about my life, as an adult I ended up doing stuff I never would have imagined doing as a child. I worked for years in the accounts department and when on to work on an IT project. I learned new skills and was good at what I did but it was not really my dream job. I viewed it as part of being grown up. Being grown up means being responsible, making compromises or even sacrifices and the important thing is to earn enough money to live a comfortable life. It is the way my parents live their lives and the way I should live mine too…
At least that is what I have been thinking all this time. Now instead of looking for a job that fits my academic and professional profile, I am looking for a position that fits my passions. Wish me success!