What is it?

It is not as smooth as an apple. It is not as thorny as a durian. It is not as furry as a kiwi. It is not as hairy as a rambutan. It is not as small as a grape. It is not as big as a honeydew. It is not as soft as a banana. It is not as hard as a watermelon. Continue reading

Fungus killed the VHS star

When I was about ten years old, I remember my dad owning a VHS camcorder. It recorded directly onto VHS cassette tapes! The whole concept of moving pictures entranced me and I loved being behind the camera. Whenever I was allowed to film, I had to heave the machine onto a shoulder. Looking through the viewfinder, I became aware of every tiny detail. I rejoiced the victorious imprisonment of the moment for all eternity on tape. Little did I know that mould and fungus were my enemies in a futile fight against memories vanishing into the black hole of oblivion.

(Remember I told you that I was terrible at summary writing in school. Well this is my attempt in writing a super short story. I admit that it is not a masterpiece but hey at least I tried!)