What is it?

It is not as smooth as an apple. It is not as thorny as a durian. It is not as furry as a kiwi. It is not as hairy as a rambutan. It is not as small as a grape. It is not as big as a honeydew. It is not as soft as a banana. It is not as hard as a watermelon. Continue reading


Learning Shakespeare through Confucius

This blog is inspired by a documentary I watched on TV entitled “For the love of Shakespeare”. It was the winning entry of The Asian Pitch in 2008. The documentary was shot in the village of Shanggu in Chengde City. Mr. Tong, the founder of a mountain school, used Confucius’ teachings to teach the pupils in the school he has founded. He was convinced that reciting Shakespeare’s sonnets by heart was the first step in learning English. Continue reading