Paralysed on skis

Today I had my very first skiing lessons. Mr. M wanted to ensure that I have the perfect conditions to learn how to ski. Therefore he booked a private tutor for three hours and the ski slope in Wintermoosalm is perfect for beginners. The ski school even promises fear free skiing but I guess I am Manfred’s (my ski tutor) first total failure. After the first lesson I am not better off than before the lesson and unfortunately it would probably remain my only attempt till our next winter holiday. Continue reading

R.I.P. Kristy

Do you remember the time when you were 15? I remember going to school, taking part in a Talent Show, having crushes and not spending any thought on life or death matters. I was deeply shocked reading an article about a 15 year old, who was tortured to death by his own sister and her partner. He and 2 other siblings were living with their parents in Paris and were visiting their sister in London for Christmas. The boy was tortured over a period of days during which he reportedly begged to be killed. (Topping, 2012) I cannot imagine how it must feel like to be abused like that by a loved one. 😦 A special prayer goes out for Kristy, his family and all other victims of violence.

All dreams and hopes can be extinguished in a moment triggered by an unforeseeable chain of events.

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