Blow out before Life burns out (Part 2)

Today we took a long walk partly along a river and partly through snow covered fields, forests and picturesque villages. It was freezing cold, about -10°C but I was dressed right for the weather because even my toes were warm during the walk. The serenity of our surroundings was disrupted by the ringing of a mobile phone. It was Mr. M’s and it was a call from someone at work. This brings me back to yesterday’s topic. Who is responsible for making our lives less stressful? Continue reading

Blow out before Life burns out (Part 1)

Yesterday we spontaneously decided to go away for a week. Lucky for us my parents-in-law are friends with the owner of a holiday home in Bavaria. As it turned out, it was vacant for the week. Only a few hundred kilometres separated us from a winter holiday amongst zillions of snowflakes. Today we arrived in a quiet little town in Bavaria. Everything is covered in snow and the landscape looks like postcard picturing a winter-wonderland. Continue reading

Good looks a two-edged sword?

11 more days to my interview and I still do not know what to wear. I can hear all the guys out there groaning when they read this sentence. At this very moment they are thinking, How typically female! It’s always, “Honey! I have nothing to wear!” Then explain to me why the ceiling of the apartment below ours is practically sagging under the weight of your wardrobe? Hear is what I have to say to all those men; first this blog is not about what you assume it is about and second I will blog about being typically female soon. Continue reading

Recruiting is not immune to the laws of evolution

I came across an interesting article on The Wall Street Journal online. The title, “No More Résumés, Say Some Firms”, caught my attention. No more résumés? How cool is that! Don’t get me wrong, I am satisfied with my résumé. In my opinion I have an impressive academic and professional record. However I find a cover or motivation letter together with a résumé an inadequate medium to promote oneself. To me the traditional application often feels like an exercise in summary writing and merely shows that I have made the effort to write the letter in such a way that catches the recruiter’s attention. After all a job application is comparable to a sales pitch. I want to convince the company to pay for the product “ME”! Continue reading

TEDx Rhein Main – Continued

In addition to life enrichment, there is another great thing about experiencing something extraordinary. Afterwards there is enough substance to engage one’s thought in the form of flashbacks. That is why I am writing another blog about the Tedx event in Offenbach yesterday. After all, there were many other highlights and lowlights.

To begin with, there was Gunter Dueck. He is an author, who used to be a professor und has worked as CTO at IBM. I am assuming that the way he presented yesterday is part of his stage persona. He impersonated an introverted IT specialist, who mumbled a lot. It was entertaining in an open mike performance sort of way. Continue reading

An afternoon of sheer inspiration

Thanks to my brother-in-law (Daniel Kraft from ifridge), who gave me a ticket to the TEDx Rhein Main event, I spent this afternoon listening to some inspiring talks. The topic today was “Subject to Change”. 2012 is the proclaimed year of change for me. Therefore I was curious on how the various speakers would interpret the subject. Continue reading

Confessions of a virgin

I have to confess that I am a virgin; an interview virgin. I have ten years of work experience and possess a rather impressive CV, even if I say so myself. However I have never been interviewed for a job. How did I manage that? In order to answer that I have to take you back to the year 1997.

It was June 1997; I was waiting to start my first Semester at the National University of Singapore in September. My majors were English Language and European Studies. That June, I met a really cute guy from Germany. He says it was love at first sight for him. It was love at second sight for me. As you can already guess, we fell in love and spent practically the whole of his holiday in Singapore together. When he had to leave, we decided to try a long distance relationship. Continue reading

The Quarterlife Crisis

Today I have found a name for what I have been going through the past couple of years. I am having a Quaterlife Crisis. Attaching a name to my condition is not important but we human beings are social creatures. We need and thrive in (offline and online) communities. Therefore it is reassuring that I am not alone. Also knowing what it is could be useful in effectively targeting all efforts in overcoming this condition.

Although it is not yet as widely recognised as Midlife crisis, there are people out there studying this phenomenon. One of whom is Dr. Oliver Robinson at the University of Greenwich in the UK. According to Dr. Robinson, the Quarterlife crisis affects those between the ages of 25 – 35. Continue reading

Let passion be your guide

In my quest for a new job I have received quite a few tips from family and friends. There is a consensus that I should look for something that I am passionate about. My husband keeps telling me, “If you a passionate about what you do, work would not feel like a chore. It is important to enjoy what you are doing. I have found what I want to do. Of course there would be days when I am feeling down but overall there is a sense of fulfilment for what I do.” (I quote my husband because he is one of the wisest people I know. He is an ancient soul contained within a young body.)

I thought about my skills profile. I have an MBA, am a certified Project Manager, am a good organisational talent, have very good intercultural skills, and possess excellent intercultural knowhow. Next I did some online tests to analyse the ideal career path for me. The results were not surprising and reflected what I have always wanted to do or knew would fit my nature. Here are some of the proposed careers for me.
1.    Teacher: If I had remained in Singapore I would probably already be a teacher by now. Unfortunately only those who have completed a teaching degree in Germany would be allowed to be a teacher. Although I am a proponent for lifelong education, I do not fancy starting a degree that would last a couple of years before I can finally be a teacher.
2.    Artist: I have always loved theatre and especially acting on stage. But I am probably too old to start a professional career in this area now.
3.    Journalist: Again too old to be a journalist but maybe it is not too late work on a blogging career.
4.    Social worker: I rather think this would be something suitable for volunteering, instead of earning a living from it.

Then I came across an interesting article on Motorcycle USA today. It was on the motorcyclist John Hopkins, who had part of his middle finger on his right hand amputated (Team Suzuki News Service, 2012). Hopkins had fractured that finger in an accident in 2011 and complications have prolonged the healing process. He was faced with the choice of sitting out competitions in 2012 or amputating the finger up to the first knuckle and start training after a 10 day recovery period. He decided to amputate his finger. Is that being passionate about what you do or it is a sign of not being in a right frame of mind? I cannot think of a situation, where I would willingly get rid of a body part without it being necessary from a health point of view. Maybe I have not yet found my passion.

Team Suzuki News Service. (2012, January 15). MotorcycleUSA. Retrieved January 23, 2012, from

Single Consultant

I came across an interesting job offer on the internet. It is a position with a Match-making agency. They claim it is the No. 1 industry in the near future, where 50% of the households in major German cities would be singles. They mention becoming a certified Single Consultant in 2012 in the offer. I am not sure, if the applicant has to go through the certification process first or if the successful applicant would go through in-house certification. I wonder if I can be considered a suitable candidate for this position. I do have the necessary soft skills. However I have no experience whatsoever in being a single. Honestly! I met my husband when I was about 18. Before that I did not have a boyfriend, which is not unusual for an Indian girl. We have been together ever since. In fact this year we have been legally married for more than 11 years. (Our church wedding was about a year later because we had to safe up for it first.) I can sympathise but not empathise with the potential clients. On the other hand, I might be the perfect consultant because of my long lasting relationship. I guess that is why most people turn to a match-making or dating agency, right?

Honestly considering applying just out of curiosity. I can imagine this job being very interesting.