The first day

Do you remember your first day in kindergarten? I do not have memories of my own of this day but my mother has told me hers. I am the eldest child and as a result my mother was apprehensive when the day came for her to leave me for the very first time in foreign care. Kindergarten in Singapore is not a playgroup but rather a pre-school. Children learn how to read and write in Kindergarten. I even attended Mandarin lessons as a second language. Unfortunately I was not allowed to continue it in primary school.

Where was I? Oh yes, kindergarten! My mother put me in my uniform, packed my school bag and walked me to the kindergarten. As we approached the building, she saw children freaking out to varying degrees. Some were hanging onto their family members refusing to enter the classroom. Others were crying their hearts out. Some even ran away and were caught and carried back to the classroom. My mom couldn’t bear the thought of seeing me crying. (Actually she admitted that she felt like crying herself.) However I surprised her by taking my school bag from her hands at the entrance and entered the classroom willingly. She still couldn’t bear leaving me alone and peeked through the window to see how I was coping. She said that when I saw that I waved at her; waved at her to go away that is. 🙂

Tomorrow I have another first day ahead of me. On the one hand, I am really excited and looking forward to starting a new job in a new company. I will pack my back tonight, pick out the clothes to wear tomorrow and check out the train schedule. Things I imagine little Irene might have done the day before she went to kindergarten for the first time too; except for checking for the train schedule. J

But there is a part of me that is feeling apprehensive, and afraid. So many ‘What Ifs’ fleet through my mind. I wonder if little Irene was afraid that day too? Did her joy to learn outweigh her fear being left alone, being with strangers or to fail? Maybe I am thinking too much about it. After all my instinct says that it was the right decision to take on this job and that it is exactly the kind of work I enjoyed.

What are your experiences on your first day at a new job?

11 thoughts on “The first day

  1. Irene, good luck on your first day at your new job. Cheering you on…it sounds like you have an adventuresome spirit and you will make friends with the strangers. And fail? Who you? Not a chance!

    • Dear Kathy, you know just the right words to make one feel better. 🙂 The first day did go well and I am feeling optimistic about the outcome of this particular adventure.

  2. The nervous feeling is perfectly normal! Even people who look like they belong somewhere on the first day are probably just good at hiding their nervousness. You’ve done your homework, and you know what you’re doing. Give your best, and you’ll be fine!

  3. It will be fine, just as other firsts were. Apprehension is a normal feeling when you start something new with people you don’t know yet – but in a day or so you will be wondering what you could have been apprehensive about. Have a great first day!

    • You were absolutely right. My first day was great. The new colleagues are extremely friendly. The new role is exactly what I was looking for. And the dress code is leisure. I can even go to work in jeans and hoodie. 🙂 What more can I ask for? Wish you a great week!

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