Flash Fiction Faction: The Fruit

This is another 100 word Flash Fiction inspired by a prompt. This prompt came from Quill Shiv; follow the link to read more posts based on this prompt. Thank you for the inspiration.

Here is the prompt and I have tried to go the extra mile. Tell me, if you think I have done it in a convincing manner. I welcome other constructive criticisms as well. Cheers!

Mark had been overjoyed to see his partner, who had been missing for days from the excavation site. But that joy had swiftly turned into anger hearing that idiot’s preposterous plan.

“I am trying to conserve your ancestor’s dynasty and you threaten to blow up the temples? That is totally senseless behavior, even for you!”

“Taste this fruit, Mark. The food-hunter said that he can easily market this as a high priced product. We need to destroy only a few walls to aid the harvest!”

Mark bit into the sweet smelling food, puncturing its smooth skin. The taste was indescribable!

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Faction: The Fruit

  1. That was pretty clever, combining the chosen words so quickly. It usually takes me a little longer. But on the other hand, I also challenged myself to a different kind of story than was the obvious kind in this case.

    I suppose I was prompted into the challenge by the caveat. Apparently, I went further than I needed to. In all, I’m happy that I made that extra effort.


    • You are strict but I guess you are right. 🙂 I am editing a 1000 word version of the prompt and I promise it is not about agriculture or ancient civilisations. But given the length it is not flash fiction either. Cheers!

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