6 thoughts on “Infosecurity – More employers asking job applicants for Facebook login info

    • i don’t know, if this is an Urban Legend. But AP published this article too and they are reliable, right? It is not normal to let recruiters to one’s home, so why into my private FB profile? Wanting to friend someone on FB to see the image this person promotes publicly, I can understand but not looking through one’s private posts and uploads. It doesn’t even sound legal. Some firms are probably taking advantage of job seekers’ fear of losing the job if they decline. Its one of those odd news I can’t make any sense of. 🙂

  1. They are doing this more and more. It is a subtle form of discrimination but there are no laws against it.

    Because of the economy, more and more companies think they own their employees, including micromanaging their personal lives.

    This will continue until enough people get fed up and refuse to take it.

    I won’t work for a company that wants to delve that deeply into my private life. Funny thing is, I use Facebook for business. No party pictures of me. It’s the principle that I object to.

    • I use common sense when I post something on FB. IT is definitely a form of discrimination and its unbelievable that they can exploit job seekers and get away with it!

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