The Time-Monster Ate My Minutes

Where have they gone to? Just a second ago, I had 5 minutes to spare and now I am 5 minutes too late! Has anyone seen my minutes? I am pretty certain I did not lose them. Oh no! It couldn’t be! I thought there was no such thing but it looks like the work of a Time-Monster. The Time-Monster has eaten my minutes! No one is going to believe me when I tell them the reason for my delay. I hear the retorts, “The dog probably ate your homework, while you were in school.” As a matter of fact, my dog did eat my homework once; more like shredded it into tiny pieces. But I digress. This is not an excuse! Can’t you see it hiding behind the Grandfather Clock in the living room? There! I just saw the tail end of another minute disappear between its fangs into the dark hole that was its oesophagus. Oh no! The Time-Monster has eaten more of my minutes! I really have to leave now before it gets its dirty paws on more of my precious time.

I am the typical always 5 minutes too late person. I know that I have terrible time management problem. The thing is that I do not have this problem when I used to work. It is a problem only in my private life. I dally around, assured that I had plenty of time to get ready. Before I know it, I have used up all puffer times and have to rush like crazy tornado in order not to be too late. It happened to me just yesterday. I knew that we had an appointment and needed to leave the apartment latest at half pass 5. I was not prepared when Mr. M asked, “Can we leave?” You guessed it. We left 15 minutes later than planned. As a result Mr. M had to drive like a Formula 1 racer to make up for delay. I had endangered our lives (I might be exaggerating a tiny bit here) because of procrastination.

Before he could be really upset with me, I apologised profusely to Mr. M. I was angry with myself more than he was with me. It is simply irresponsible of me. But I have the strong feeling that I wouldn’t have to wait very long, till something like this happens again. May be that is why I like travelling with public transportation. It forces me to be on time or I risk missing the bus or train. Since I hate having to wait up to an hour for the next one, arriving early is a preferable alternative. Although I have had my share of near misses too! Once I crossed the train tracks, just as the road barriers were going down. That was a dangerous close call!

Hereby I solemnly declare that I would do all it takes to ensure that I will be ready in time when we plan to go out next. But don’t chew off my head, if I don’t. The Time-Monster is surely to blame, if I lose track of my time again.

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