Is Facebook losing its allure?

Recently one of my Facebook friends posted that she would be keeping away from Facebook because it is usurping her precious time and she urgently needs to concentrate on important tasks in her life. I know this feeling. I abstained from visiting my Facebook profile for about 2 weeks, while learning for my examinations last December.

Personally I have to admit that it is no longer difficult to keep away from Facebook. The novelty has worn off. In the beginning, I used to play games on Facebook, which I no longer do. Strangely enough, I think I spent more time on Facebook while I was employed compared to now when I theoretically can spend the whole day on Facebook without fear of being reprimanded.

I have about 300 friends but most of them are no longer active. I have the feeling that the same people are posting the same kind of status updates all the time. Is it a sign that Facebook is losing its place in the daily life of millions of members? In some ways, I think it is. I can also imagine that most employers are not overjoyed with employees spending company time on Facebook.

I read an article that Facebook can cause depression when people get the feeling that everyone else is leading a happier and more exciting life. This thought is supported by the fact that most people post photos of holiday locations or smiling widely into the camera. That could also be a reason for staying away from Facebook for longer periods of time. Who wants to be constantly reminded that they would rather be somewhere else than living their own life?

Has the end of the Facebook era started? I do not think so; as long as the younger generation is interested in online games and connecting online with friends and posting photos of themselves partying and having a good time. There is enough fresh blood to replace the stale ones in the Facebook world.

4 thoughts on “Is Facebook losing its allure?

  1. News Corp paid more than 500 million for MySpace. It was not money well spent, if you consider the money it was sold for a few years later. The sudden shift of crowd behavior in liquid environment like the web is unpredictable, given also the young age of dotcom industries. Facebook could keep skyrocketing and conquer the world but the risk for the community to feel overwhelmed and controlled could change their mood. And we know how little it takes to close and account and open another one somewhere else. Few people may think, in the future, to end up their Fb account, and look for something newer of fresher. Then it’s a matter to reach the tipping point to have a mass movement.

    • You are absolutely right. Each generation wants to be different from the one before. That is why parents are seldom seen as being cool by their children. If they are hip and modern, they are viewed as being embarrassing because they do no act their age. If they are conservative and strict, they are charaterised as being dinosaurs. A purely no win situation. Likewise a few generations from now, it might no longer be cool to sit in front of a laptop screen, collecting friends on Facebook. Instead it might be cool to meet up with real friends in reality. That might see to a rise in other types of web portals. Either Facebook is able to redefine itself in time or one crazy visionary could eventually start a mass movement away from it.

  2. Hi, Irene! I quit Facebook in November and was ecstatically happy for two months afterwards. Hated the way it made me feel. I feel like it makes people LESS close rather than more close. Let me go look for the blog I wrote about the final decision. One moment please.

    However, must say, it’s been lovely that my daughter has given me her FB password and account. Now I can look at family photos, if desired. Really wouldn’t need to do even that–but it’s fun sometimes to sneak a secret peak and see what the nieces are doing.

    • My family is spread all over the world and it is great to see pictures of my nieces and nephews and other family members. I think I am able to reduce my face time with Facebook though. 🙂

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