Foreplay – Action – After the (f)act


I have always loved writing. During my primary school years, I used to be scolded by my teachers for not adhering to the word count in the essays I wrote. Once I was even penalised by my teacher as she downgraded my essay from an A to a B because it was too long. Then she asked me to read it aloud standing in front of the class because she thought it was very well written. Therefore my foreplay with words in the written form started as early as my primary school years. Unfortunately I left the road leading towards literary orgasm before the foreplay could progress to the next stage. I was distracted by the dreary routine of existing called adulthood. Eventually I turned a deaf ear to the voice of my wordy muse. However my muse never left my side and the foreplay resumed during the Sabbath year I spent travelling together with my husband. The few stories I wrote about our travel experiences met with positive resonance from all. Just as the foreplay was gaining momentum, another old friend called Procrastination made an appearance and got me off the road again. (Look here for the reasons why I procrastinate.) It took me another 8 months before I finally made the resolution to blog for a whole year in 2012. Practice makes perfect, right? With this resolution, I moved from foreplay to serious action.


After a bumpy start, I found out what makes writing a positive experience for me. I had to get to know myself and what makes me tick. Although it started out as a solo attempt to climax, I soon found out that more are involved in this game of mine. Voyeurism turned into what looked to be a one night stand. But with every additional click of the “Like” button and with every new follower the encounter has gained intensity. A chance meeting has turned into a long-distance relationship.

I want to thank all of you at this point for helping me reach a milestone much sooner than I dreamed of. Today my blog got more than 1000 views – in less than 2 months online! But I promise you this trip is going to have many more climaxes and I hope you’ll stay on and enjoy the rest of the ride together with me.

After the (f)act

Suddenly there are expectations to fulfil. I feel the responsibility to ensure it is just as fun for the one on the other side of the monitor as it is for me. This daily blogging pact I made with myself is exhausting and I wonder how it would be when I have a fulltime job again. But I’ll worry about that when it is time. For now I plan to keep to the commitment I have made. I’ll take you to on a journey where no one (with the exception of Mr. M) has ever been before – a journey through the wonderings of my mind. I really hope you will enjoy the ride.

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