The attraction of immortality

If you had the choice, like Bella Swan did in the Twilight series, would you choose to remain a mortal or become an immortal? The decision was easy for Bella. The first and most important reason is that she is in love with Edward. As we all know, divorces only happen to other people. Also in her case vampire-human divorces literally do not happen because once the love is gone the human mate becomes the meal. I have to agree that it is both cost and time saving than going to court. Second reason is she has always felt awkward in her human form and hopes that immortality would come with gracefulness too. Wow! Moral of the story for all those who feel awkward in their own skin: Your only hope lies in meeting a vampire, who falls in love with you, marries you and then turns you into an immortal. Otherwise you are doomed to a lifetime of awkwardness. Third of all, she freaked out at the thought of getting older than Edward. Personally I think she was simply dreading getting her first wrinkle or white hair.

Considered at the superficial level living forever sounds pretty enticing, especially if it means you can be like one of the Cullens. Who wouldn’t want a wise and compassionate mind stored within a youthful body? We will conveniently ignore the existence of scum-vampires like James.

Let’s take it a level deeper. Of course part of the Cullen attraction lies in the fact that they are rich. Admit it! Given the details used to describe the cars they drive and the car that Edward buys for Bella after their engagement it has to be all about the money. Again bad news, if you do not have a seer vampire, like Alice, on your side to help you buy the right stocks at the right time. A life living in the underground without having the chance to travel the world, buy a remote island or even listen to Debussy on a state of the art sound system suddenly makes eternity look bleak and dreary.

Let’s take it another level down and away from the Cullen clan. Living forever would not be fun, if you were all alone. So you would have to choose someone else to join you for eternity. Who would you choose? Would you stop with your family and best friend? What if those you would choose have already found the love of their life? Would you go on to include their family and friends? Where does it stop? Do you get the picture?

You could argue that if you had an eternity at your disposable, you would finally have the time to do all the stuff you have always wanted to do. Do you have a list already? If not, write down all the things you would do, if you had an eternity to do it. Got it? Your eternity starts tomorrow. You can start accomplishing the things you want to do. I am sure that along the way, you would realise that you don’t need an eternity to do all the things you have always dreamed of doing. A lifetime is sufficient too. 🙂

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