A Satchel of Regrets

I add another stone to the satchel I carry on my back
The burden forces me to bend forward as I drag my feet
Left, right, left, right, left, right,
I stop in front of a fork in the road
I can’t decide to go right or left
Both do not offer more than a peek of the ways lying ahead
Again I am stuck at a decision point
I do not have the strength to go on
Just as I am about to add another stone to my satchel for another regret
Because all the decisions I have ever made are always wrong
A girl comes up from behind me
Her sudden appearance shocks me into dropping my satchel
Sir! When he comes by please do not tell him that I went this way!
She disappeared down the left road
I was about to pick up my satchel when I was knocked down to my knees
Sorry mister! I didn’t see ya. Did you see which way the girl in the red dress went?
I shook my head curious of the road he would choose
The boy looked down the left road but the tarmac hid all signs of the girl having trodden on them
With a shrug the boy goes down the right road
I follow him to tell him that he is wrong and set him on the right path
As I walk around a bend, I see that the roads have merged again
The boy was catching up on the girl
She was screaming in glee
It was then I realised I had forgotten my satchel at the fork
But I won’t be needing it anymore anyways
I walk upright looking forward to the next fork on the road I am on.

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