Holiday on snow

This blog is about our holiday in Unterwössen and the things one can undertake while there and in the surrounding area during winter. Unterwössen is a town in Bavaria, Germany.

We stayed at a holiday home owned by Karl Allmann. It is a beautiful house and equipped better than any of the holiday homes I have ever been in.

Unterwössen is a quiet town and it is best to have a car to drive around, if staying at this place. In the week we there, we drove about 185 km to get to the surroundings places of attraction. There is an Edeka to cover the daily shopping needs. A couple of restaurants that offer well-priced meals that are filling and taste good. If you are looking for a place to buy or rent winter sport gears, I would recommend going to Färbinger Schuhe and Sport. They have friendly service and relative new gears for rental. Furthermore they are cheaper than the rental companies in Reit im Winkl, which is about 10 km away.

The closest ski slope is in Seegatterl and is called Winkelmoosalm. Mr. M tells me that it is perfect for beginners and a nice slope for a stress free skiing experience. Mr. M went skiing today and bought a ticket including the adjoining Steinplatte slope too. He says that it has more to offer to the experienced skier.

My parents-in-law went on various walks starting in Unterwössen itself. They said that the paths were cleared from snow and offer nice views. One of the ways is called Richard Strauss and leads by a house where the componer once lived in for 11 years and he allegedly composed Salome while residing there.

Mr. M and I went on a 6 km walk in Hindenburghütte. One has to catch a shuttle to get to this place. A single ride costs 3.50 Euros per person from the parking lot in Blindau and 4.00 Euros from Reit im Winkl. The driver of the shuttle van told us that the reason for not letting the general public driving up to Hindenburg is because it is a private road and it is dangerous because there aren’t any crash barriers along the side of the road. The walk itself was easy and the view even on a cloudy day wonderful. I believe when the weather is clear one can even see the Chiemsee.

What comes up must come down. On the way down, Mr. M decided to go for the adventurous alternative. He wanted to go down the 4 km road on a wooden sledge. We rented a double sledge. It costs the same person as the shuttle ride to Blindau. It is crazy that they do not allow people to drive up because it is supposedly dangerous. But they allow people to slide down the road at high speed on sledges. We were told that the shuttle would come down the road about 30 min after the last sledge and collect those still on the road. It was great fun sitting at the back because I had to do nothing but hold onto Mr. M and try to hold the video camera steady. Mr. M was in charge of steering and breaking. At the end of the ride, the soles of Mr. M’s brand new winter boots was worn out. But he would do it all over again.

I have not heard of Snowtubing before. But today we went to Kössen in Austria, about 18 km from Unterwössen and went Snowtubing. It sounded terrifying to me. You know a combination of speed and lack of control has a paralysing effect on me. We even received a beginners discount and only paid 7 Euros instead of 10 Euros per person for unlimited number of rides. I do not know how other Snowtubing slopes are but this one felt kind of harmless. Although I was told that I slid down the slope at a tremendous speed. A t the beginning I was afraid but after the first trip, I was game for more. It was great fun letting gravity take control. But the freezing temperatures saw to it that we called it quits after around 5 trips.

There is more snow, shops and restaurants in Reit im Winkl. But with a car this place can be reached easily from Unterwössen. Travelling around with the public transportation from Unterwössen is complicated. All in all I would recommend Unterwössen, if you are looking for place to enjoy a quiet winter holiday.


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