Irene Controlleti

Remember my unfortunate attempt at skiing yesterday? Today I had a heated discussion with Mr. M. He is of the opinion that it is not fear that is holding me back from skiing. He is sure that it is my unwillingness to let go and lose control of a situation that is hindering me.

Mr. M is quite a good analyst of the human nature. He is way to wise for his age. I have to admit that he knows me as well as I do myself. Therefore I did not ignore this assertion and tried to find evidence to either support or refute the point made by Mr. M.

After much consideration I have to admit that he might be onto something here. I do like to have things under control. I am calm in times of stress or uncertainty because I always look to be in control of the situation. Maybe that is the reason for my fear of speed. In such moments, I am not in control of the outcome. It could be that my fear of failure is in reality a fear of losing control.

I have heard that awareness is the first step of overcoming a problem. I wonder how I can learn to let go at the right time, while maintaining control when required.

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