Let’s clone Stefan Raab

This evening I watched the casting show Unser Star für Baku (Our Star for Baku). It is a show to select a singer to represent Germany in the EuroVision Song Contest to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Yes it is yet another casting show. Well I do not intend to bore you about the details of the show, the quality of the singers or what they wore. However I would like to write about the producer of the show, Stefan Raab.

To begin with, I am not a fan of German television. Often successful American or British shows are either dubbed or copied. But with 80 million potential viewers I expect more originality. There is one exception though and that is Stefan Raab. In fact did you know that “Beat the Star” is a franchise of “Schlag den Raab” (Beat the Raab)?

Stefan Raab is a TV pioneer. He is constantly coming up with new show ideas and the interesting thing is that they are all very entertaining. What makes him so unique and successful? I believe it is because he is fearless. While fear of failure has kept me back from doing many things in my life, Stefan Raab seems to be the exact opposite. He is willing to take risks and if something doesn’t turn out as good as he planned then he moves onto something else. Another reason for his success, in my humble opinion, may be the fact that he is really good at what he does. For instance as part of the jury of a song competition, he shows that he knows what he is talking about. He is a multi-talent. Looking at his early vitae you wouldn’t necessarily trust him with such a task. He used to work as a butcher and dropped out of law school after 5 semesters. I am glad that he did not become a lawyer or remain a butcher because it would have been a loss of a high calibre entertainer that he is.

Stefan Raab gives the impression that he is not one to rest on his laurels. He is constantly looking to improve or innovate his existing shows. He also loves challenges and thrives under stressful conditions. That may be one reason, why the Schlag den Raab series is extremely successful. People like to watch him reach his boundaries and maybe even hope for him to fail. But Stefan Raab is a fighter and it is really impressive to watch him gather very single ounce of energy or concentration and come out the winner in the end. Of course he has lost a couple of times but that only creates more sympathy for him.He is definitely a valuable addition to the television landscape in Germany. If only there were more of such creative people in the media industry in Germany. Oh well, while there is life there is hope. In the mean time I am curious as to what Stefan Raab would come up with next.

7 thoughts on “Let’s clone Stefan Raab

  1. What a great blog you done on Stefan Raab. I so agree with everything you have said about him. I am a big fan of Stefan Raab and I don’t even come from Germany in fact I come from the UK but he certainly is talented and has lots of guts and is a fighter. He also is very physically fit for his age at 45 years old. Respect to him is really well deserved

    • Wow! A fan from the UK, do you know German and how do you get to watch his shows?
      In many ways he is a role model for me. He most certainly doesn’t have a problem with procrastination. 😉 I am sure there are people, who disparage what he does as being “simple-minded” entertainment. But the point is just by looking at the proliferation of casting shows (where most of it is about getting a cheap laugh by criticising talent-free candidates) and “reality” documentaries ala Jersey Shore, the demand is there for “simple” and easy to consume entertainment and the supply is overwhelming. Therefore it is remarkable that Stefan Raab fulfills that demand and gives the audience more than they asked for. Yeah and he is very fit for his age too. 🙂
      Glad that you dropped by and liked the blog. You take care and I wish you a wonderful day. Cheers! Irene.

  2. Once again right on the spot, Irene. Stefan Raab is indeed a fighter and a very creative guy. I’d never doubt for a single second that he’s been blessed with several talents, upon all of them, never giving up is probably his greatest quality that kind of supports everything else he does.

    He’s a living proof for the ‘never give up and you can achieve everything you want’ methodology. I have never forgotten the moment he had that bad looking accident in his show and insisted on continuing. That convinced me once and for all about his strong will.

    Have a nice day, Jan

    • Thanks for your feedback. I remember the incident you mentioned. Give up is simply not part of his vocabulary. Now I am at a place without internet connection and the Mobile connection is only Edge! 😦 Have to wait till Sunday until I can upload my daily blog entries. Wish you an exciting week. Cheers!

  3. I watch his shows via on the internet because we don’t have any late night shows in my country like Stefan does. I really wish that there were more people like Stefan out there that does more than just one thing that they are good at especially in my country in the UK. I am picking up a few words of German as I go along on watching his stuff. I am currently learning German just from Stefan. He even is a role model for me as well.

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