I am a Twilight Hypnotee

Yesterday I watched New Moon for the 5th time. It was a recording of a TV telecast on Sunday. To set the records straight, I am not a Twilight Fan. I do not have a single poster of Edward, Bella or Jacob. I am neither a supporter of Team Edward nor Team Jacob. I do not own any of the DVDs. I do not have a tattoo of Rob Pattinson or Taylor Lautner anywhere on my body. I do not stand in line to be the first to watch the movie in the cinema. I have not even watched the first part of Breaking Dawn yet. I do not dream of being a vampire or drinking animal blood or fancy being together with one, who does.

I missed the initial hysteria over the books and the first movie “Twilight”. It isn’t a wonder, considering that I do not really fall into the target demographic of pubescent teenage girls. In fact even after I had read about the movie online, I wrote it off as being just another teen romance flick. Then I watched the “Twilight” movie on TV. I have to admit that I was not smashed by the acting talent of Kristen Stewart or blown away by the good looks of Rob Pattinson. The movie had one outstanding learning effect. After this movie all Twi-fans would be able to name at least one piece by classical componist Debussy. 🙂

Then something curious happened. Instead of simply forgetting the movie as I should have done, I couldn’t stop thinking about the story of Edward and Bella. I was like an addict, who needed more of the stuff to satiate his longing. In a state of trance, I immediately ordered all fours books from Amazon and anxiously awaited the delivery the following day. Unfortunately the delivery went missing and Amazon had to resend the delivery. I had to wait for about 10 days! Honestly it was about the only time I had an issue with an Amazon delivery. It was as if the fates were agonising me by lengthening my wait.

I started reading as soon as the books were delivered. My initial reaction was disappointment. From a literary point of view, I found the narrative style amateurish. The dialogues were simple to put it nicely and the characterisation flat. Having said that, I still read the remaining books rapidly. I was sincerely hoping the author would improve with practice and had to sadly find out that this was not the case. I was absolutely disappointed by the end, which felt very staged and far-fetched. In my normal state of mind that would have marked the end of my interest.

But as the title implies, I have been hypnotised by the Twilight tale. (By the way, what is the word that describes someone who has been hypnotised? I couldn’t find one and therefore coined the word “Hypnotee”.) I cannot stop myself from rereading the books or watching the films over and over again. Have you noticed in most scenes when Bella looks up at Edward, she looks as if she is cross eyed. Kind of kills the tension of the moment for me. The rest of the time, she has a bland look on her face and she is supposed to be the human, who is alive! Therefore I can confirm that neither the books nor the movies or its actors are the reasons for my preoccupation. (On the other hand, I watch The Vampire Diaries primarily because of the really cute actors. ;-))

I think it is rather due to the feelings and memories of my adolescence, which are triggered by the love story that plays in my mind when I read or watch the Twilight saga. I kind of feel like a teenager again. I remember how it felt like to have crushes or falling in love and the feeling of euphoria mixed with depression that accompanies them. I remember dreaming about true love and having an idealised vision of living happily ever after.

Although all the points I mention have to do with romance and the perfect relationship, it is not like I am missing it in my current life. Actually I am married to an “Edward”. He is kind, loyal, true, well-mannered, loves me like crazy and he would do anything for me. (He has proven that in many situations.) The only difference being sometimes I have the feeling he can read my mind. He knows me as well as I know myself, which frustrates me a lot. But as in any relationship, we have our ups and downs. The routine of everyday life lessens the idealness of the relationship, which we both at times take for granted.

I believe what I am attracted to is the simpleness and naivety of the romance between Bella and Edward. It is true love literally frozen in time with guaranteed butterflies in the stomach feelings all the time.

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