Let passion be your guide

In my quest for a new job I have received quite a few tips from family and friends. There is a consensus that I should look for something that I am passionate about. My husband keeps telling me, “If you a passionate about what you do, work would not feel like a chore. It is important to enjoy what you are doing. I have found what I want to do. Of course there would be days when I am feeling down but overall there is a sense of fulfilment for what I do.” (I quote my husband because he is one of the wisest people I know. He is an ancient soul contained within a young body.)

I thought about my skills profile. I have an MBA, am a certified Project Manager, am a good organisational talent, have very good intercultural skills, and possess excellent intercultural knowhow. Next I did some online tests to analyse the ideal career path for me. The results were not surprising and reflected what I have always wanted to do or knew would fit my nature. Here are some of the proposed careers for me.
1.    Teacher: If I had remained in Singapore I would probably already be a teacher by now. Unfortunately only those who have completed a teaching degree in Germany would be allowed to be a teacher. Although I am a proponent for lifelong education, I do not fancy starting a degree that would last a couple of years before I can finally be a teacher.
2.    Artist: I have always loved theatre and especially acting on stage. But I am probably too old to start a professional career in this area now.
3.    Journalist: Again too old to be a journalist but maybe it is not too late work on a blogging career.
4.    Social worker: I rather think this would be something suitable for volunteering, instead of earning a living from it.

Then I came across an interesting article on Motorcycle USA today. It was on the motorcyclist John Hopkins, who had part of his middle finger on his right hand amputated (Team Suzuki News Service, 2012). Hopkins had fractured that finger in an accident in 2011 and complications have prolonged the healing process. He was faced with the choice of sitting out competitions in 2012 or amputating the finger up to the first knuckle and start training after a 10 day recovery period. He decided to amputate his finger. Is that being passionate about what you do or it is a sign of not being in a right frame of mind? I cannot think of a situation, where I would willingly get rid of a body part without it being necessary from a health point of view. Maybe I have not yet found my passion.

Team Suzuki News Service. (2012, January 15). MotorcycleUSA. Retrieved January 23, 2012, from http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/838/11998/Motorcycle-Article/John-Hopkins-has-Fingertop-Amputated.aspx

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