Blue Monday 2012

I have to admit that I have not heard of the formula by Cliff Arnall calculating the most depressing day of the year (Wikipedia, 2012). The formula that allegedly does not make sense takes into consideration of factors like weather, debt, low motivational level and the feeling of a need to take action (Burnett, 2012). Other variables like time since Christmas and time since failing one’s New Year resolution (Wikipedia, 2012) sound impossible to determine. I mean when is a resolution considered as failed? When is it considered started; New Year’s eve, New Year day or when the idea for the resolution first formed?
Nevertheless the fact that this topic becomes news every January shows that at least those writing about it (except when they are denying the sense of the formula) identify in some way with the notion of feeling down in January. Mondays are always depressing because it is the first work day after 2 days off work. One could easily get used to having more free time. Unless you are one of the privileged ones to really love what you do for a living. Resolutions are made in January and 3 weeks into the New Year seems an appropriate time period to concede that the resolution would remain a good intention. The cookies, chocolates and other rich food enjoyed over Christmas nag at our conscience and most people are probably dieting in January (I am counting calories. Kind of…). This could also be a reason for not feeling chirpy in January.
This Blue Monday, a simple comment was enough to chase away all blue feelings. (Even the rejection of a job application.) The blog is part of my resolution and I am proud to say that it is not yet a failure. I have managed to write something every day. However I have not told anyone, except for my husband, about the blog. So far it has been just for me. It was all the more motivating to get my first comment today. To know that someone took the time to read what I wrote and comment on it has given me the boost needed to work on writing a book.

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