J. O. B.

Today has been all about looking for J.O.B. (Just One Break).

Today started unlike the way the day ended yesterday. Before I called the HR department I tried uploading my documents onto the particular Online Application portal I mentioned yesterday. Everything went well on the first try.

Today I had a second meeting with my job consultant. He was friendly and like the last time he did most of the talking again, constantly praising the work he has done. We went through some vacancies posted on the agency’s website and decided to apply for 2 positions. Just when I thought maybe my initial assessment of this person might have been wrong, he printed out a contract I had to sign. The contract stipulates that I have to apply for at least 5 positions in a month and send a report to the agency at the end of each month. I also have to apply within 3 days of receiving a suggestion from the agency. There was also a paragraph stating, if I broke the contract the agency is justified in reducing my unemployment benefit. He manually striked this paragraph out saying that this is not meant for me. Hope I never have to be in a position to find out otherwise.

Today I came across a job offer for a position that exactly described my last position (for another company of course). Unfortunately the position was in Prague. Too bad.

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