R.I.P. Kristy

Do you remember the time when you were 15? I remember going to school, taking part in a Talent Show, having crushes and not spending any thought on life or death matters. I was deeply shocked reading an article about a 15 year old, who was tortured to death by his own sister and her partner. He and 2 other siblings were living with their parents in Paris and were visiting their sister in London for Christmas. The boy was tortured over a period of days during which he reportedly begged to be killed. (Topping, 2012) I cannot imagine how it must feel like to be abused like that by a loved one. 😦 A special prayer goes out for Kristy, his family and all other victims of violence.

All dreams and hopes can be extinguished in a moment triggered by an unforeseeable chain of events.

Topping, A. (2012, 01 05). theguardian. Retrieved 01 07, 2012, from                         http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/jan/05/boy-tortured-drowned-sorcery-claims

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