A sad realisation

I usually tell my husband to drive safely when he leaves for work in the morning. As of a couple of days, he has started telling me to do something to make the day special. So much pressure!!! I tried to think about what I can do to make the day special. I don’t mean start working on something that would become something special sometime in the future. I wanted immediate results. At the same time, the minutes were quickly counting down to the end of the day. (I was multi-tasking; watching TV and thinking about what I can do.) I even searched for the following phrase in Google, “what can I do to make this day special”. The first result was for a shopping portal. Figures! The other top hits were mainly tips for Valentine’s Day. Finally the only thing I could come up with was putting extra effort into making dinner. It doesn’t quite count because I had already decided yesterday what I’d be cooking for dinner today. Furthermore my husband would say that I am a good cook and everything I cook is delicious and special. That is why the realisation made me sad. Iwas disappointed in my lack of creative ideas. I know that I have the potential for more. I just need to find a way to unleash it. (It has to happen soon. I am literally getting older by the day.)

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