The stars were right

Do you read your horoscope? I admit that I do read my horoscope on an almost daily basis. I wouldn’t say that I believe in it or look for guidance from the stars. I often find it amusing to read and forget it as soon as I have read it. However today was an exception. My Horoscope for today was as follows:
An intriguing new person on the scene is making a big deal out of all the things they’ve done and all the things they plan to do — but in reality, they are all talk. Do not expect big things from them, you’ll only be disappointed. The worst thing you could do would be to put your faith in them, because they are not capable of taking on that kind of pressure. It’s not wise to look for other people to solve problems for you, anyway — if you are looking for a savior, look in the mirror! (, 2012)
Now the interesting thing is that I did meet someone for the first time today. I would not describe him as intriguing but he is definitely an extrovert. Surprise, surprise! He did talk a lot about his plans for my future career. I have to add that I have been trying to get an appointment with this person since the end of October 2011. I even cried after a phone call with this person because I felt misunderstood and not taken seriously. All of a sudden, he can’t wait to find me a job. It has become a matter of utmost urgency that he couldn’t wait the 3 weeks till his next free appointment. Instead he will see me next week after the official consulting hours!!! Between October and December I was not part of his statistics as I was officially undergoing professional development. I have a sneaking feeling that I will be bombarded with unsuitable offers just to get me off his statistics.

(2012, 01 05). Retrieved 01 05, 2012, from           

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