New Year’s Day 2012

It is 6.30pm and the first day of the year is almost over. It is time to recall the happenings of the day. The most exciting part of my day was preparing potato gratin for the first time. Given that I did not have cream, pepper or enough cheese, it tasted okay but there is definitely room for improvement.

Then I spent some time setting up the blogs that I intend to write this year. My husband was right. 🙂 I have to prioritise the list of stuff I want to accomplish this year. Otherwise I am going to be overwhelmed into doing nothing, which would be the opposite of what I want for this year. In addition, there is the list of stuff I have to do that I have been putting off doing for some time now. One of which is finally posting the pictures of our RTW trip on our blog. (I dread to mention that our trip ended in April last year. Don’t ask me why I have not done it yet. But I intend to do it. Better late than never, right?)

Have to dos for tomorrow: Clean the entrance to our garage, find our weighing scale and draft a cover letter for a job application.
Want to dos for tomorrow: Start writing a book. (Got to start at some point, if I intend to get published someday.)

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